Residence & Domicile

Are you sure about your tax status?

When it comes to your tax status, you may be UK domiciled, or you may just be resident here. Different rules will apply to you depending on your residence and domicile status, so it is vitally important that you find out.

The first step anyone needs to take to establish if they have UK residence or not is to look at the basic rules, which establish whether an individual is either resident, non-resident or whether they have sufficient ties to the UK or not.

 Providing you meet certain criteria for the amount of time in any single financial year you have spent abroad, you may or may not be treated as a non-UK resident and therefore not need to pay income tax in the United Kingdom.

If you are unsure of your residence and domicile status here in the UK then Essendon Tax can review your current situation and advise you on the statutory residence test.